Kune's Lagoon, Relaxing Destination Worth to Be Seen
Albanian Daily News
Published September 23, 2017
Kune's Lagoon is one of the most interesting Albanian destinations frequented every weekend by a large number of visitors for its wonderful nature. It is located south of Shengjin no more than 50 km from Tirana and is called the "Pearl of Albanian Nature". This is a place where reigns the tranquility and a natural habitat of wild fauna. The lagoon is a 'home' for 227 plant species, 17 mussel species, 10 species of amphibians, 24 species of reptiles and some species of fish such as goatfish and eels.

There are also a particularly high number of birds that include 196 migratory and permanent species. Numerous species mammals such as rabbit, fox, wolf, wild boar and horses born and grown in nature are also part of this place.

The reconstructed Shëngjin-Kune Road facilitates the access to this natural resource which provides an opportunity to explore nature, to observe migratory birds that begin to return to the lagoon and to enjoy the traditional cuisine of the area.


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