Electric Taxis Fleet Presented in Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published September 22, 2017
The first fleet of electric taxis was presented on Friday in Tirana. Mayor Erion Veliaj chose the ‘Car-Free Day’ to introduce the citizens with this new eco-friendly alternative which also has a really low cost.

“The citizens will finally be given the chance to use electric taxis contributing in the environment’s protection in the interest of their children. They will pay the same fare while drastically reducing the air pollution in Tirana,” said Veliaj.

He also forewarned an imminent change of the urban transport with a new fleet of electric buses that will soon circulate in the city’s streets.

“The first tests with electric buses will start next month, initially with a European company and then with a Chinese company. The citizens are invited to become part of this experience. Meantime the companies operating in the urban transport sector have been already informed that the Municipality will soon enter the market with an electric buses line acting as competitor in the interest of the citizens and environment’s protection,” declared the Mayor.


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