National Opera and Ballet Theater to Be Opened in 2019
Albanian Daily News
Published September 21, 2017
The project for the reconstruction of the National Opera and Ballet Theater (NOBT) is being rapidly implemented. If the works continue with this pace the opera-lovers will be given the chance to enjoy the completely renovated building within 2019. The fact was confirmed by the Minister of Culture Mirela Kumbaro during an inspection of the works in progress in NOBT premise.

"The works pace has been highly satisfactory. We are operating within the contract's deadlines, thus I believe that soon we will have a entire transformed and much more modern theater of the opera," declared Kumbaro.

Referring to the novelties of this project she said that the new theater will have additional spaces, a larger stage, more room for the public and the orchestra.

"The most important element, directly related to the artists, is the fact that they will gain additional spaces and more qualitative services in the backstage," said Kumbaro.

The NOBT is expected to present an entirely new image to the public thanks to this restoration. This cultural institution has been the cultural birthplace of some of icons of the Albanian and international art.

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