New Academic Year in AAF Academy Begins
Albanian Daily News
Published September 20, 2017
The opening of new courses in the Armed Forces Academy for the academic year 2017-2018 was celebrated through a ceremony organized on Wednesday in the Ministry of Defense.

The Minister of Defense, Olta Xhaçka congratulated the trainees in the framework of the new academic year and expressed her confidence in further qualitative enhancement of those who have chosen to be the country's security and protection.

"The government's program for the country's security and defense requires the enhancement of the professionalism, interaction and operating capacities of the Albanian Armed Forces (AAF) and the continuation of transformation, modernization and fulfillment of commitments within NATO, implementation of strategic documents, capacity building and guaranteeing security and coping with all threat scenarios. Consequently, it requires a new approach to the development and consolidation of the education system, in order to make it as qualitative and flexible as possible for the development of the AAF and society itself. Education must steadily precede the transformation of the AAF by updating the methodology, curricula and military doctrines along with processes unification ensuring interoperability with the allies in order to respond to the national needs in the conditions of a new security environment while being compatible with the national education system and the schools of NATO countries," said Xhaçka.

She also put the emphasis on the government's decision for a special financial treatment of the academic staff of the Armed Forces Academy.

"This is a token of appreciation by the Albanian government for this institution and the AAF', declared the minister.

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