Parliament, DP-SP Debate on Waste Law
Albanian Daily News
Published September 20, 2017
The wastes management draft generated debates during the Productive Activity, Trade and Environment Committee meeting on Wednesday. The committee's chairman, Eduart Shalsi declared that the so-called wastes import is not related to the waste but the raw material, while adding that he agreed for this draft's withdrawal.
"The public opinion has been subject to manipulation and abuses in relation to waste law initiative. I, in quality of this initiative's proposer, agreed to withdraw it due to this noise. The Democratic Party (DP), Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) and Socialist Party (SP) representatives also agreed for this withdrawal. We never talked about wastes, only raw materials," said Shalsi, adding that this initiative aims country's territory cleansing.
Meantime the Democrat MP, Florion Mima argued by requiring this draft's overruling through voting process in parliament.
"We only act in the interest of the people. There's only one way for this draft's withdrawal, through a voting process in parliament. Opposition has requested a referendum. Earlier Prime Minister Edi Rama defined a national treason this initiative when presented by DP," said Mima.
Meantime the SMI representative, Lefter Koka said that SP withdrawal indicates a reflection thus a technical discussion is needed.

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