The Albanian Master of Aquarelle Helidon Haliti, Paintings Exhibition in China
Albanian Daily News
Published September 20, 2017
The warm colors and the fresh brushstrokes in the aquarelle technique of the famous Albanian painter Helidon Haliti are being presented in an exhibition in China. Along with one of the famous Chinese aquarelle masters, Xiaocheng Li, the Albanian painter has exhibited his works at Shantou Museum, one of the most famous in this country. The exhibition will remain open until September 20th.

At the opening ceremony of this exhibition, Helidon Haliti expressed the pleasure of participation and stressed that the aquarelle technique is an international language.

"I visited the beautiful city of Shanto where I met great artists and good friends, touching in this way a great culture. I hope that this exhibition can add color to the cultural relationship and the exchange between two countries. I feel very excited. Thank you to Zhou Tianya and Li Xiaocheng for this wonderful exhibition. Aquarelle's art is an international language. Thank you for the hospitality and excellent organization. I am very happy and honored that you will soon also be in Albania," said Haliti in the opening ceremony.

The renowned Albanian artist has exhibited his works alongside the aquarelle master Li Xiaocheng, who is a member of the China Artists, deputy director of the Guangdong Aquarelle Artist Council and Dean of the Chaoshan Aquarelle Academy.

This exposition will open even in Albania's capital at the National Historical Museum (NHM), from October 20 to October 25.

The exhibition will be opened under the auspice of the great master of aquarelle, Zhou Tainya, who is a well-known curator and author, book publisher and who has successfully organized many international awards in China, including the International Aquarelle Biennale in Shenzhen and the International Salon of the Aquarelle in Qingdao.

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