Albania 'Competes' with the Drugs Price
Albanian Daily News
Published September 18, 2017
Albania has the lowest price in the Balkans for the cannabis sativa and cocaine. This conclusion is based on the latest data made public by the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crimes (UNODC). Likewise Albania seems to have the highest prevalence of drugs users during a lifetime.

According to the experts these negative conclusions are related to different reasons.

First of all Albania is considered a place of origin for cannabis and transit country for cocaine.

Secondly, purchasing capacity in Albania is low and users are not able to buy expensive drugs. The limited financial possibilities also enable the circulation of poor quality drugs in this country.

According to UNODC data the average price for one gram of cocaine in Albania is USD 80, while the average price in the Balkans is USD 100.

Even cannabis is cheaper than in any other country in the region. The users may have a single gram of marijuana for only USD 5, while in Montenegro the same amount is sold for USD 26.

Meantime compared to the region Albania has the highest prevalence of lifelong use of cannabis and cocaine, especially for the latter prevalence is the highest in the world.

According to UNODC, where comparable data can be found for all countries in the region, for each individual who has used at least one in lifetime cocaine in Serbia, there are 25 individuals in Albania.

Likewise, comparable data for the Balkans countries regarding cannabis indicate that Albania ranks 2nd after Croatia for drugs use during a lifetime.

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