First Albanian Scientist 105th Anniversary Commemorated
Albanian Daily News
Published September 17, 2017
The 105th birth anniversary of the first Albanian scientist, Sabiha Kasimati, was commemorated through a special event organized in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The distinct Albanian scientist who was fucilated by the communist regime in 1951 was comemorated by family members, students, representatives of the diplomatic corps and professors.

Her role as scientist, the work and the persecution from the communist regime were the highlights of this commemorative event while the participants were also introduced with a number of scientific works written by Kasimati in Italy. Her diploma thesis was also presented in this event.

The participants were also introduced with a number of unpublished images of Sabiha Kasimati. The complete file of this distinct personality was donated to her relatives from the State Archives.

Sabiha Kasimati was the first woman who dared to study at Korca Liceum in 1927, the first zoologist and also the first Albanian to have received a major doctorate in Turin and to be employed later at the Tirana’s Institute of Science. She was on the verge of publishing the book "Fisheries Study of Albania" when it was shot in 1951, among the 22 accused of bombing the Soviet Embassy, despite the lack of any evidence.


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