La Repubblica: Albania, Worth to Be Discovered
Albanian Daily News
Published September 15, 2017
The renowned Italian daily newspaper 'La Repubblica' dedicated an article to Albania focusing on its natural beauties and country's rich culture. The article evidences the fact that Albania is gradually becoming the Italians' favorite tourist destination.
According to 'La Repubblica' the number of Italian tourists that visited Albania from January to July was 56% higher compared to the past year.
"The fact that Albania is near the Italian coasts and the low cost of living urged some 182.000 Italian tourists to spend the summer vacations in eagles' country. Many years ago whoever wanted to travel in the Balkans peninsula was forced to move around the Albanian border due to the country's isolation. Now, in this country that left behind 46 of communist regime, we discover a beautiful tourist destination," wrote 'La Repubblica'.
The prestigious Italian newspaper invites the readers to visit Albania from North to South.
Southern Albanian resting places, where Saranda ranks in the first place, are the most popular during summer season. The Northern Albania is less visited despite the fact that it offers some spectacular panoramas that detach the visitors from the burst of modernity that has engulfed Albania.
Shkodra, Theth, Butrint, Gjirokastra, Berat and Koman are also at the focus of this reportage while a special section is dedicated to the traditional cuisine.

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