The Albanian Dubbed 'RescueBae' Who Saved Several People from Harvey
Albanian Daily News
Published September 14, 2017
A man who earned the title 'RescueBae' for his dedicated Hurricane Harvey work has picked up a slew of not-so-secret admirers on social media.
A viral photo showing 31-year-old Raz Halili, of Albanian origin, on his boat saving several stranded flood victims in areas surrounding Houston, immediately appealed to people on the internet who grew curious to know more about the caring cutie.
One Texas resident, who goes by the name Ariel Marie on Facebook, initially shared the viral picture of Halili in a quest to track him down in real life.
She wrote to her Facebook page last week: 'This just made my day better. Lookahere Mr. Chase, (I don't even know if that's ya real name) I'm gon find you!!! Oh yes I am!!! You don't even know how much ya selfie just blessed me.

It takes business away from the legitimate trade whilst costing the taxpayer around £2.4billion in lost taxes in the last year alone.'
It is part of a series of so-called 'sin taxes' which will also see the price of wine, spirits and beer increase.
Duty on alcohol had not risen for five years but in today's Spring Budget speech the Chancellor announced plans that will hike the price of a bottle of still wine by 8p.

The duty on sparkling wine will increase by 10p with a litre of gin up by 43p and a litre of vodka rising by 40p, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association.
The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) chairman Colin Valentine said: 'UK beer drinkers, pubs and brewers have been let down by the Chancellor's decision to increase beer duty for the first time in five years.
'The announced two penny a pint increase marks a return to the days when the much-hated Beer Duty Escalator contributed to 75,000 job losses, 3,700 pub closures and a 24 per cent fall in beer sales in pubs.
'The rise in beer duty will ultimately hit consumers in their pockets and lead to pub closures across the country.'

(Source: Daily Mail)

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