'8 Women', Premiere in Korca Theater
Albanian Daily News
Published September 13, 2017
Comedy '8 women', directed by Driada Dervishi, is the play that will raise the curtains of the new theatrical season and the Albanian Comedy Pan-National Festival in Korça. This play was written by renowned French comedian Robert Thomas, while its features vary between a thriller and comedy.

The director has chosen a well-known cast of actors such as Yllka Mujo, Olta Daku, Zamira Kita, Rajmaonda Bulku, Merita Çoçoli and Klodjana Keco, Blerta Belliu, Ilda Pepi and Paola Kodra.

This artistic project will bring one more time together the actresses Yllka Mujo and Rajmonda Bulku after more than 40 years from their first time they worked together in 'The Lady from the city' movie.

The play moves around a murdered man and eight women, all with a motive to commit murder and in a certain way related to the victim. Isolated in an elegant villa, without any communication with the outside world, they fight among them blaming each other for the murder.

'8 women' will be presented to the Korça public on September 17 and then will come on National Theater stage and Durresi theater stage.

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