Tirana's New Central Park Project Presented
Albanian Daily News
Published September 13, 2017
A hearing session was organized by the Tirana City Hall for the presentation of the new central park project. Municipal Council members, architects, city planners and groups of interest representatives were introduced with the city's new lung project. In a brief speech Mayor Erion Veliaj said that this project was the result of a two-year survey for areas improvement.

"This project comes as a standard of an urban testament for the city and every district's planning.
For the first time we have the infrastructural project of the new boulevard and an entire district with over 100.000 inhabitants," saidVeliaj, adding that this is a long-term project.

The Mayor stressed that the new boulevard project will become an incomes generator for the city hall. According to him the taxes collection enables a series of investments that serve to the citizens.

"Taxes collection is the main source of incomes for the City Hall. There are only two possibilities, you may collect taxes from those that can afford to pay more, in this case the constructors, or from the Tirana citizens," said Veliaj.

He also declared that new boulevard's project implementation will open 30.000 new job-places thus its economic impact will be of vital importance for the city.

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