Euro 2020, Mavraj's Objective with Albanian National Team
Albanian Daily News
Published September 12, 2017
The Albanian National Team defender, Mėrgim Mavraj, gave an interview for the German daily "Bild" during which he talked about his experience with Hamburg but also about the goals with the Albanian representative.
The 31-year-old stated that the championship's positive start by Hamburg is no coincidence due to the fact that the team is more united and aware of its potential compared to the past season.
"If there have been a lot of oscillations in the previous seasons, when we could defeat Hoffenheim or being defeated by Darmstadt, we are now more stable. Our performance was positive even during the 2-0 defeat by Leipzig. The team's spirit is back. I see a team that works very well in the field," said Mavraj.
Meantime referring to the future goals with the Albanian National Team the defender said that he hoped in another historic qualification like that of France 2016.
"We had a highly difficult group due to the Italy and France presence. We had higher hopes, however are pleased with the third place. This is a big success for Albania. Even the fact that we ranked ahead of Macedonia was welcomed by our fans. Anyway, I would like to play in Euro 2020 finals," said the Albanian defender.

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