Ilir Kulla: Government of Macedonia Is Focused no Longer on West, but It Is Focused on East
By By Eva Gjura
Albanian Daily News
Published May 20, 2015

The analyst Ilir Kulla, a good connoisseur of Balkan issues, during an interview for '' commented on the most recent events in Kumanovo. Kulla doesn't hesitate giving his opinion, highlighting that the incident that took place in Kumanovo was a sort of state terrorism carried out by the trio, Gruevski-Jankulovska-Mijalkov. According to Kulla, the incident of Kumanovo marked a peak on the political crisis in Macedonia and therefore Albanians have only one chance, which is for Macedonia to remain in the western family. Every other alternative would be against Albanians. Below the excerpts of the interview:

-  I believe you are following with great interest the most recent events in Kumanovo. According to you, why did they come to this? 

- The events in Kumanovo was a sort of state terrorism carried out by the trio Gruevski-Jankulovska-Mijalkov, with the purpose to take revenge on what KLA did to VMRO on 2001 and to weaken entirely Albanian's position in Macedonia. 

- The opposition organized a protest to oust Gruevski from the government. On the other hand, Gruevski organized a counter-protest. What is going on, what is the purpose of these actions?

The rally of the opposition and its counter organized by the government are a proof of the Milosevic-ist spirit that nowadays is governing Macedonia. It reminds me the anti-Milosevic protests of 1996 led by Draskovic and Djindic and those in his favor, which proves the pro-dictatorship spirit. 

-Russia has accused west for trying to provoke a "color revolution" in the problematic former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, how true might this be? 

- In fact it seems to be quite the opposite of this. Russia is gaining influence in Macedonia through Gruevski. It was quite the opposite few times ago. Macedonia has been officially aligned towards the Euro-Atlantic integration. Then it changed and currently Macedonia is more focused on East rather than on West. 

 - The leaders of the four main parties in Macedonia have started a series of meetings, in order to find a solution for the situation. What might come out from these meetings and how benefiting might this be to Albanians?

- The political dialogue in Macedonia is a must, but without the presence of international authorities it will be unproductive, especially for the Albanians. 

- The leader of movement for reformation from DPA, Zijadin Sela, appealed to the heads of Albanian political parties of Macedonia to gather and coordinate the position of the Albanian factor, to enter into a gentlemen's pact and rewrite the fate of Albanians. Do you think that this issue might be solved through pacts of this kind?

- Under these conditions Zijadin Sela must be clear that the cohesion of Albanians won't increase by creating new movements or parties. Zijadin Sela, currently the Mayor of Struga, has left a possibility open to become the political leader of those who fought in Kumanovo, otherwise under these conditions he would do good to remain silent and to reunify DPA.

- What is your opinion on the reaction of the Albanian government and that of Kosovo about the incident in Kumanovo. Is a press release sufficient?

 - The reactions of Tirana and Pristina were not enough, but I believe that they were not prepared on what took place in Kumanovo.

- Prime Minister Rama canceled his visit to Macedonia. What is your opinion on Tirana-Skopje relations during these moments? 

- The cancelation of the visit to Macedonia reminds me of Kadare, 'me ra ky mort e u pame'. If Rama was to visit Macedonia he should have gone to Kumanovo and not to Tetovo, therefore he did well. Kumanovo showed the real face of the relations between the two countries, it is like the half filled glass and it depends on how you look at it.

- What is your opinion on the reactions of the Albanian political parties in Macedonia?  - The Albanian political parties in Macedonia have come out weakened from this process. They are holding a prudent stance. The current divorce from the difficult Macedonian dialogue would bring Macedonia towards separation. The question is whether people are ready for such thing to take place?!

- What is your point of view on the diplomatic reaction about the events in Kumanovo?

 - The political situation marked a peak on the political tension after the incidents of Kumanovo. As such it attracted diplomatic care as well as political one. Therefore the diplomatic attention was very high. 

 - How do you think the issue of the Albanians in Macedonia will be solved, given that the chronology of events shows that only they are being violated? 

- Albanians have only one chance, which is for Macedonia to remain in the western family. Every other alternative would be against Albanians. Therefore either Gruevski has to be removed or Macedonia has to be reestablished in the spirit of the Ohrid Agreement, which creates a sort of Belgian federation, otherwise separation can't be avoided. 

- Was the resignation of Macedonian ministers on time and is one resignation enough for the cause?

Unfortunately not, they should have resigned long ago; all of them should have resigned. 

- Macedonian Parliament voted two ministers, the vote of Ali Ahmeti kept Gruevski in power. What is your comment on this stance?

The Government of Macedonia has already fallen and it is no longer a matter of votes. It is a matter of time. Ahmeti doesn't want to make the next step without making first the substitute one. 

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