President Rossen Plevneliev Becomes Special Envoy of the American University in Bulgaria
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Published September 11, 2017
President Rossen Plevneliev opened the twenty-seventh academic year of the American University in Bulgaria on September 6 in front of hundreds of students, professors, employees and friends of AUBG. The former Bulgarian head of state has taken an important mission - to be a special envoy of the university. Promoting Bulgaria as a world-class education destination and attracting excellent students and highly qualified faculty in Bulgaria will be among his goals.

AUBG President Steven Sullivan welcomed students: "Get the best out of what AUBG offers you, do not be afraid to try new things, face new challenges, and make new friends. We will support you on the path to self-discovery, which is a guarantee for your future success. American-style education gives you the freedom to choose - courses, disciplines, extracurricular activities, majors; try and change your schedule according to your needs. The recipe for a successful career is to love what you do. Discover your passion!"

President Plevneliev said that in his new role as a special envoy he will be able to promote our country as a host of a world-class university education. "I hope that my commitment to the cause of the American University in Bulgaria will complement the image of our country as a place where quality education is offered, outstanding professors are teaching talented students, and all of that combined with a wonderful setting - both for living and for doing business," said Mr. Plevneliev. He added that he would work for an ever closer collaboration between business and education - a concept that has been leading for the American University in Bulgaria since its establishment.

The new academic year for the students of the American University in Bulgaria starts September 7.

AUB is established in 1991 with the support of the American and Bulgarian Governments. AUB's main goal is to educate citizens, capable to meet the challenges of the economic transition in Southeast Europe and to build societies, based on democracy, private entrepreneurship, civil responsibility and tolerance to different cultures.
In 1991, at its opening, the University had 208 students, mainly from Bulgaria. Now in 2017, the AUB students are over 1 000 young people from over 40 countries. The AUB follows the traditional American educational model "liberal arts", where students combine knowledge from various disciplines, thus paving the way for best professional realization in the future.
AUB alumni occupy leadership positions in reputed international companies, state administrations and NGOs around the world. In AUB's home country - Bulgaria, the students are among the best performing professionals according to the official rating of the Ministry of Education. The 5 academic directions, rated by the Ministry are Economics, Computer Science, Business Administration, Political Science, Journalism and Mass media. In 4 of the listed 5 spheres, AUB's alumni are rated with best level of personal income.

Edea Demaliaj, Albania
Class of 2021
Winner of X Factor Albania 2015

What are your first impressions here on campus?
The diversity , the way the students are so eager to start a whole new path in their life immediately inspired me. Even though everyone is different in their own way the school spirit is always trying to make you feel home.

Why did you choose to come to AUBG?
I chose AUBG not only because of the amazing possibilities it offers but also because this school helps you know yourself , who you are ,who you aspire to be ,what you want to achieve. On top of that, upon graduation AUBG students receive two diplomas - an American and a European one because AUBG is accredited both in the US and Bulgaria.

How to like Blagoevgrad and Bulgaria so far?
The thing that surprised me is the way that every citizen is so helpful and I personally think that AUBG students are the ones that give life to the city .

What would you like to tell prospective students from your country why should they follow your example?
I always believed that in order to be successful you have to do something you love and I am sure everyone will find their place in AUBG .

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