Anri Sala with a Special Project in Australia
Albanian Daily News
Published September 10, 2017
Albanian artist, Anri Sala, will represent Albania with an instillation in Sydney.

This artistic work called "The last resort" comes in the frame of the 33rd edition of the "Kaldor public art project" while it will be exposed for 3 weeks in a row at "Observatory Hill" beginning from October 13, till November 5.

Sala's project will transform the Observatory Hill Rotunda, a site with expansive views from the most elevated point of the city.

Audiences will be invited to step beneath a gravity-defying ensemble of custom built drums, to experience their rhythmic life response to a modern interpretation of Mozart Concerto.

Set against sights and sounds of the harbor below, this musical dialogue animates the relationship between sound, place, time and history on this evocative site.

The instillation of Anri Shala is a interweave between sound and sculpture that represents the awesome deed that he has created for Australian audience.

"I wanted to think that as a trip on wind, waves and water that would affect a musical masterpiece of the period of iluminism" has said Anri Sala talking about "the last resort".

Sala has achieved some international acclaim for his works which explore themes of wastage and language, as well as relationship between sound, space and architecture. These themes have been expressed through poetic video works, live performance and recordings, sculptures and installation.

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