Veliaj: Elders and Children, Among City Hall Priorities
Albanian Daily News
Published September 8, 2017
Tirana Mayor, Erion Veliaj declares that elders and children are among the city hall main priorities.
According to him, a community that does not think about elders and children has no future.
Speaking during the inauguration of the works for the construction of a new entertainment area in a district of the city on Friday he presented even some new strategies.
"I am highly enthusiastic by the construction of the 23rd entertainment area in Tirana's districts. This is very good news, especially for the elders who from now on will have a chance to get some fresh air and another kept promise," said Veliaj.
The Mayor also ensured the citizens that these investments will be extended through a capillary system in every district of Tirana.
According to Veliaj the infrastructure investments have had positive results on view of the fact that the number of citizens willing to spend some time outside is increasing.
"Our statistics indicate that these figures have tripled. This means that more and more people everyday chose to go out in a city where's worth living," declared Veliaj.

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