Sadiku's 2nd Goal Would Make Me Good Coach - Says Panucci
Albanian Daily News
Published September 8, 2017
The Albanian National Team coach Christian Panucci held a press conference on Thursday analyzing the team's performance against Liechtenstein and Macedonia during his first two matches in Albania's bench. The Italian said he was happy with the points scored, but stressed that the team should improve its game in the future.

"I was afraid of these two matches, as it is a delicate season of the season as it is the beginning and many players in their clubs have difficulty playing. As we saw, France match with Luxemburg ended with a draw. We defeated Lichtenstein. Differently from what might seem it was not at all easy for us. We played very slowly during the first half with clear ideas, but we had players like Memushaj, Ajeti, Roshi, who in the clubs did not have the best physical shape. Anyway, I am glad by both matches' results," said Panucci.

The coach also explained the tactical choices in the match against Macedonia.

"In Macedonia I made a choice Lila-Kukeli because I was afraid of the desire and the momentum of the opponent, giving up the ball's circulation. On the other side I placed four players in the front side: Hyka, Roshi, Sadiku and Llullaku. Now I know even better my players. If Sadiku would had scored the 2nd goal I would had become a good coach," said the Italian.

Referring to the next challenges against Spain and Italy coach Panucci stressed that Albania would try its chances.

"We will give our best trying to reach a positive result," said Panucci.

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