New Kindergartens to Be Opened in Rural Areas
Albanian Daily News
Published September 7, 2017
Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj declared on Thursday that some new kindergartens will be opened this year in the city's rural areas resolving a problem that existed since long-ago.

"I am looking forward to the opening new kindergartens in rural areas at the eve of this new scholar year. The quality of service provided will be the same of those in the city lowering the financial burden for the parents who were forced to bring their children in Tirana," said Veliaj.

He made this declaration while inspecting the works for the reconstruction of kindergarten 18 in Municipality Unit 2. During this visit he commended the work done so far while adding that its reconstruction will lower the flux in nearby kindergartens.

"Every effort is being done by the City Hall in order to enable the new scholar year to find us ready with every kindergarten and school in Tirana. I am twice happy because this kindergarten happens to be the one where I spent my childhood. It is a widely known fact that "the shoemaker's shoes are the last to be repaired", said Veliaj, referring to the fact that kindergarten is the last to be restored.

He stressed that the reconstructed garden will be ready for children in early October and will have a much higher capacity than before.

"This kindergarten capacity has been duplicated, lowering the pressure on the nearby public kindergartens due to the increasing admission requests by the citizens," said the Mayor.

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