Tirana's Marathon 'Awakens' Citizens Interest
Albanian Daily News
Published September 7, 2017
Tirana is ready to welcome for the second time its marathon which this year will be held on October 15th. Only few days after the applications opening the number of those registered to participate in it has gone up to 700, while the number of those willing to participate is even higher. Just like in the past year, the Tirana Marathon will offer racing opportunities for all categories at different distances and itineraries, where everyone can prove themselves.

Applicants who have been registered so far are professional athletes, but a large number of them are amateur racers who practice running individually and also foreigners living and working in Albania.

Tirana's Marathon will also provide opportunities for people with different skills who will compete in the "We too" category, while it will also be a challenge for true athletes who will compete in the "Half Marathon" (21,975 km) and "Tirana 10K".

This activity which is organized by the Tirana City Hall is officially certified and internationally recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations and the Association of International Marathon and Distance Race.


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