Price of Fuel to Go Up by ALL 10
Albanian Daily News
Published September 7, 2017
The price of fuel will go up by Lek10 as a result of the tax for the re-licensing of fuel stations. The Association of Hydrocarbon Companies explains that the citizens will pay for the increase of this tax. According to a new decision of the government, a fuel station in the capital has to pay Lek3 million a year and those in the other regions, Lek1 million a year.
At present, a liter of petrol in fuel stations is sold for Lek168 and its price is expected to become Lek178, adding another fee for citizens.
According to the Association of Hydrocarbon Companies, the high taxes are the reason for the expensive price that citizens pay for petrol and benzene.
Meantime, the fall of price in world markets cannot be reflected in the Albanian market because the part of taxes is fixed and occupies 60 percent of the final price.
Meantime, it's been a month since the municipality of Tirana has started an action in all fuel stations to collect the tax of licensing.
Based on the controls that have been carried out, the inspectors found 72 fuel stations in violation of this rule and their activity was blocked. From these, 64 have made the payment and submitted all the necessary documents to restart their activity.

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