France May Restore Visa Regime with Albania
Albanian Daily News
Published September 6, 2017
Another European country 'threatens' to restore visa regime with Albania. France becomes the 2nd state after Netherlands that may require the restoration of visa regime. But differently from Amsterdam, which demands this step to prevent the Albanian criminal organizations acting mostly in the drugs smuggling sector, Paris is encouraged by the high number of asylum requests.

Albania ranks in the first place for the number of asylum-seekers during 2017, according to the official data recently made public by the French authorities.

Some 7.265 Albanians seeks asylum in France during a period of time from January to August. This figure indicates a 178.9% increase in comparison to the same period of the past year.

"French authorities may be forced to require the same protective clause that was used for Georgia and Ukraine, a restoration of visa regime in case of abuse of hospitality," 'Le Figaro' reported.

Earlier the Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati presented a measures plan drafted to prevent with this phenomenon. Likewise a visit of his French counterpart, Gerard Collomb in Albania is expected shortly for an evaluation of the results achieved through these measures.

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