Victory with Macedonia, Panucci's Only Objective
Albanian Daily News
Published September 5, 2017
The Albanian National Team coach, Christian Panucci declared during a press conference on Tuesday ahead of the match with Macedonia that we would never agree for a draw. While expressing his confidence on the team the Italian coach warned the players that a game similar to that during first 30-minutes against Lichtenstein was unacceptable.

"We are here to win this match. Let's see what the fate has in store for us. We will not agree for a draw. I have the highest respect for Macedonia on view of the fact that it's a qualitative team but at the same time we are perfectly aware of our capacities," said Panucci.

Regarding to the stadium where this match will take place the Italian coach chose to avoid the polemics.

"The stadium is relatively small but the terrain is Ok. The small stadiums always generate difficulties but we should focus entirely on the game," stressed the 44-years old coach.

He gave no specific details about the line-up but said only that Sadiku had been fully recovered from the flu.

"Sadiku will be at my disposition, along with the rest of the team. The line-up will be seen in the field," ended Panucci.

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