Albania, 2000 Denunciations for Domestic Violence in 8 Months
Albanian Daily News
Published September 5, 2017
Some 94 cases of domestic violence were registered back on the year 2005. The situation dramatically changed. These days, only the eight months of 2017 in the state police office were register around 2000 cases for domestic violence. Meanwhile many others were not denounced by the victims.
One of these cases is the one of the killed Judge Fildes Hafizi.
The Directory of Professional Standards of the State Police has finished its inspection and thus came to the conclusion that the last victim of home abuse, Judge Fildes Hafizi had not asked for help or expressed any concern to police in the last 8 months.
"Starting from 2016 and moving on we have not received any information, or denunciations from the judge against her husband. We have checked with the commissariat in Kavaja, Tirana and all across the country and have not found any information regarding this case." said Josif Shtembari, Director of the Crimes Department in the State Police. He admits that the numbers regarding home abuse are alarming.
"If we look at 2005 and onward, we start with 94 cases, ending up with over 2 thousand cases in 2017." expressed Shtembari.
But there are still many undeclared cases, including the unfortunate case of the judge from Shkodra, which is why the director released an appeal to anyone.
"Call the police and they will be close to protect you and take your statement. The police will never hesitate responding to the domestic violence cases, despite the difficulties", stated the director.

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