President Meta, New Initiatives against Domestic Violence
Albanian Daily News
Published September 4, 2017
The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta announced on Monday four new initiatives against the domestic violence phenomenon in Albania. One of these initiatives is the verification by the High Council of Justice, (HCJ) of the judges that condemned to only 3-years imprisonment Fadil Kasemi, the ex-husband of the killed judge Fildes Kasemi.

"The public opinion was recently shaken by a cruel crime committed against Judge Fildes Hafizi. The phenomenon of domestic violence is a major and very sensitive wound in Albanian society. On view of this situation, in the capacity of the President of the Republic and the powers given to me by the constitution and the legislation in vigor I have decided to undertake the following initiatives:

The opening of a verification procedure by the HCJ and its Inspectorate for the decision taken by First Instance Court of Kavaja for Fadil Kasemi on April 28, 2016.
I have also requested the inclusion in the HCJ first meeting agenda of a report on the follow-up of the duties set by this body, the procedures to be followed by the Courts in issuing defense orders in the domestic violence cases.
I commit that during my presidential mandate, I will not exercise the right of pardon for any individual convicted of criminal offenses in family relations.
I also call on the Ministry of Justice as the initiator of the amnesty draft law but also to the lawmakers to avoid including in these drafts individuals condemned on grounds of domestic violence. It is time to increase the cooperation and action of all institutions in order to exemplary punishment of domestic violence," declared President Meta.


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