'Bloodlands', Albanian Horror Film Coming to Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published September 4, 2017
The first Albanian horror film 'Bloodlands' is preparing to premiere very soon in Tirana's cinemas. The film brings to the screen actors Gezim Rudi, Ilire Vinca, Suela Bako, Alesia Xhemalaj, Emiljano Palali, Dritan Arbana, Florist Bajgora, Enxhi Cuku.
So far it has been presented in several festivals and received good reviews from critics. “Bloodlands” tells the story of a woman who is raped, becomes pregnant, and then is stigmatized by residents in her neighborhood.
She departs to a mountain where she becomes a real witch and recruits a group of people who just like her had witnessed society turn its back to them. The film was scripted and directed by Greek – Australian director Steven Kastrissios, meanwhile the entire film is presented in Albanian.
One of the film’s most positive appraisals came from the “Nashville Film Festival”, where the film’s protagonist, Suela Bako, received an award for best female lead. The film will premiere on the 22nd of September at the cinema “Millenium”.


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