Foreign Tourists Fascinated by Apollonia Archeological Park
Albanian Daily News
Published September 3, 2017
The Apollonia’s Archeological Park situated in Fier district remains one of the Albania’s main cultural attractions. This park is visited on a daily basis by a large number of tourists. Over 13 thousand foreign tourists were registered during a period of time between July and August, while the majority of tourists came from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Poland. They left with the best impression about this visit to Albania.

“We come from Geneve and are really stunned by Albania. This country has such a large number of archeological monuments. We did not expect such thing. The visit to Berat, the one thousand and one windows city, was part of our tour in Albania. I hope we will return again in Albania” said a tourist.

The visitors’ increasing is a clear indicator of the fact that Apollonia’s Archeological Park has been included in the Europeans tourist agenda.

Another important moment for Apollonia is the return of the Franco-Albanian research expedition, which has been operating since 1993 and this time will enable the construction of the digital park map for the first time.


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