Judge's Killer Release and Dynamics of Murder
Albanian Daily News
Published September 2, 2017
Fadil Kasemi would be still in prison for the first attempt to kill his wife, judge Fildes Hafizi if the First Instance Court of Kavaja and then the Durres Court of Appeal had followed the request of the Prosecution.
This appears to be the conclusion after reading the appeal made by the Durres Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court, for changing the measure against Kasemi and convict him from three to five years in prison. Prosecutor Ferdinand Elezi considered Kasemi a highly dangerous person that deserves more than three years in prison.
The Prosecutor even underlined that the court should consider that the author might commit even more serious crimes if released. But this prediction has not been enough for the two courts. He was released from prison by the amnesty of the government in the end of 2016. Meantime, the Supreme Court had not reviewed the appeal yet, which could have saved the life of Judge Hafizi.
Media unveiled the dynamics of the murder of the judge by her ex-husband, saying that the woman just got into her car and was placing the seat belt when Fadil Kasemi, who was nearly 10 meters away from the car, approached it quickly and shot at her immediately. At that moment, the car window was half open and there was no communication between them. Video footage of the security cameras placed nearby show that the man shot twice. Sources from the investigation team told Ora News that the first shot was made from a distance of nearly 20 cm, while the second one was from a closer distance.
The 53-year-old man is expected to appear in court on Saturday for the custody measure, while it has been learned that he has not accepted to speak at the police station, only admitted the crime.

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