Albanian MPs, Extensive Expenses for Abroad Trips
Albanian Daily News
Published September 1, 2017
Some ALL 13.341.516 were spent by the Albanian MPs for abroad trips during the first semester of 2017. This large sum of money was used for plane tickets, hotel rooms and food expenses.

A list published on Friday by ‘’ shows the names of 34 MPs who traveled abroad during this period using the public funds.

The Socialist MP, Namik Dokle ranks on top of the list with ALL 1.919.563 spent for abroad trips, followed by Arta Dade with ALL 1.917.933 and Valentina Leskaj with ALL 1.330.563. The Democratic Party MP, Edi Paloka spent a sum of ALL 141.363 for plane tickets, while the sum spent by Socialist MP, Pandeli Majko for abroad trips was EUR 1.567.

According to the published documents the Democrat MP, Albana Vokshi spent a sum of EUR 498 for accommodations while traveling abroad during this period of time. A sum of EUR 495 was spent for accommodation by the Democrat MP, Eduart Selami while the Republican MP Fatmir Mediu spent a sum of EUR 365 for accommodation during his trips abroad.


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