'Nature's Beauty Predator' in National Arts Gallery
Albanian Daily News
Published September 1, 2017
"Qamil Grezda, Nature's Beauty Predator...1917 - 1992", this is the title of the newest exhibition which opened last night in the National Arts Gallery. This exhibition, opened under the auspice of Oltsen Gripshi, comes as a dedication to the great painter Qamil Grezda in occasion of his 100th anniversary and introduces for the first time 55 works from the painter's family fund as well as his life material. Through retrospect, but also unpublished works, the public will be introduced with his art in pastel technique, as well as drawings on paper or coffee sack that the artist used when he could not find the canvas.

"This exhibition is different from all other exhibitions. By visiting this exhibition we are introduced step by step different moments of this artist as are his extraordinary paintings," said the curator Gripshi.

The public will be given a chance to get a close look even to the artist's personal objects like his jacket or hats used during the work, the brushstrokes, the personal diary and the gypsum masque of the painter realized just after his death.

Qamil Grezda was born in Gjakova but moved to Tirana in the 1920s due to discriminatory Serbian-Slavic policies.

The artistic creation of the painter has been influenced by the historical developments of the Italian landscapes of the late 19th century with which the artist was acquainted thanks to his studies at the art academies in Florence and Rome.

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