Which Are the Most Denounced Institutions by the Albanians?
Albanian Daily News
Published August 30, 2017
Illicit constructions are the biggest concern for the Albanian citizens. According to a report that include the denunciations in 'Stop Corruption' site for a period of time from February 2015 to August 2017 were made 1770 denunciations for different issues have been presented. Most of them were complain against the illicit constructions, followed by the problems with education system, tax offices and state police.

Only 8% of the presented complains were related to corruption episodes, a relatively low figure compared to the total.

A record of denunciations related to the corruption episodes in the education system is registered during this period of time. A total of 326 episodes have been reported while the number of filed complains goes up to 1478.

Meantime some 1436 complains have been filed for the Tax Office, 87 of which for corruption episodes.

Even the health sector, traditionally rumored for the high rate of informal payments, registered a high level of denunciations for corruption episodes. Over 259 of the presented complain were related to similar episodes while the total complains for this sector was 883.

The customs and assets restitution sector registered the lowest number of complaints, respectively 150 and 269.

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