Parliament Saves ALL 25 Million from Opposition Boycott
Albanian Daily News
Published August 30, 2017
The Parliament of Albania has saved ALL 14 million from the salaries of lawmakers for the first four months of 2017.
Meantime, ALL 11 million can be added to this figure from contributions of social security. This is because this period coincides with the boycott of the Parliament by the opposition, which set up its tent of protest in the main boulevard of Tirana "to demand free and fair elections".
In the report for the monitoring of the 2017 budget, the parliament underlines that during the first four months, ALL 116 million had been planned to be given as salaries, but only 88 percent of this amount was paid.
During their three months of boycott, the lawmakers of the Democratic Party (DP) have not only lost the payments they were supposed to get for their parliamentary activities, such as ALL 2,000 for participation in the Committees or other additional payments, but they have also not received their salaries.
According to the report, the Parliament has not just saved from the salaries of lawmakers, but also from other expenses, including the administrative ones.
For 2017, funds were planned for payments for a number of 405 persons, including the political staff and the staff of electoral offices in the districts.
About ALL117 million were saved, including payments and contributions of social security for this category.
The grid gives the monthly effect of the pay increase, but because the vacancies were not filled, the electoral offices in some regions were not opened, some local bodies did not cooperate, some lawmakers moved to the function of Ministers, and some employees took parental leaves, the fund of payments to be asked as an addition in the budget is lower than the gross effect that has been calculated.

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