Zaev in the Chaos of the Young Turks, Ali in the Silence of Experience
By By Blerim Muriqi
Albanian Daily News
Published May 18, 2015

and the changing expectation in Macedonia along with the silence of Ali Ahmeti
are the last stones of a mosaic that marks the end of breaking the chance of
Macedonia as a country, but also of the programmatic developments of Balkan

regresses of the constitutional position of the Albanians in Macedonia, the
major delays and the prolonged implementation of Ohrid Agreement have slowly
begun to set doubts on DUI. The abuse of power has given way to the liberation
activity within small circles of the society. Regardless the messages, its
sparks have actually carved a liberation organization. All this happens in a
chauvinist environment against the Albanians, shaped cunningly up to a criminal
extent and organized by chiefs of Gruevski. Such aura gives divine qualities to
Gruevski, allowing him to win the suffering hearts of the Macedonians and to
restore order in their plebiscitary votes. The arrogant reshaping of Macedonian
Glory under the buzzing sounds of Chauvinism and the criminal blackmails of
society with the made up process of the hidden hands of the state are giving to
the latter the sole right of Macedonian leadership.

the distorted and painful convoys of Albanians, nor the fading voice of
Macedonian anxiety, who cry for caution towards them, are to be kept away, not
even the Albanian factor, neither the Macedonian nor the international one.
Everyone behaved as if the hour of history had loosened the curtains for a long
night. But would former KLA possibly sleep?!!

integration blockade under the name excuse, the alignment against Albanians and
the criminal activities towards them, to reshape the argument of Russian
demands, regardless how utopian they may look, they are still like troubling
phantoms. Kumanovo was the icing on the cake where everyone said to one another
that they are have passed sleepless nights and this should be the critical
point to show the real face of the society and the government, as well as to
establish the commitments for the future. 

rebel autocracy of Gruevski, mixed with the Putinist movement left to
understand that he already passed the rainbow and like the legends say "beyond
the rainbow the human changes his gender," therefore he might have been pimped
by someone else. The geopolitics is trying now to set feet in the ground and
start reasoning, encouraging Macedonian people and the Albanian one along with
it, in order to be successful.

strong action of Gruevski and the powerless weakness of DUI have started slowly
to kill Macedonia, wandering helplessly across the street to find itself.

citizen is in front of a dilemma:

will be the end of Macedonia and does Zaev represent its end or its goodness?

that everyone wants to possess the gift of knowledge, the common citizen
believed the warning that there have been several interceptions, which not only
compromise the governing cupola, but also involve him as abusive preparatory.
This was the long expected hopeful attraction, which along with the crimes that
took place in Kumanovo sealed the state crime and made way for a new Macedonia.

had worked out on making the state crime public and the misuse of power. The
fear towards an ultranationalist invasion against him and therefore vote change
in the future, obviously made him reflect and obey quietly to a silent alliance
not to go too far with the publishing of the materials that were connected to
the ordinary state crime, in favor of the repression of the Albanians. This
reluctance of the Albanians left to understand that even Zaev might become a
hostage of the darkness, which will put him in the same position as Gruevski,
who is slowly killing Macedonia.

has to learn by the mistakes of the Young Turks. They had started a new world,
a new wisdom, radiating a new hope. They wanted to fulfill a big
transformation, but they had forgotten to calculate the future. As a
consequence they succumbed, same as Turkey did along with them.

and his encouraged enterprise need to understand the extent of the Albanian
requests. They can't be summarized simply on a change of the government,
because this was a path already crossed by Albanians in the era of young Turks.
Given the cruelty of the new regime in Stamboll, they very soon understood that
a liberation movement was needed, whose end is acknowledged even by

Macedonian regime will change and Gruevski along with it. But will the new
government repeat the same mistakes of the Young Turk movement?! And if so, can
Albanians endure this disaster? Obviously that is not going to happen,
Albanians will not be the permanent victims, and they are not even alone in all
this. It is not only a local plot, but there is some international care along
with it as well. Believing that Albanians will have a dignified representation,
I hope there will be no crossing the evil. But if it is meant to be for the
Albanians to start the Young Turks commitment, then it will not be Macedonian's
burden only, it will be of the entire region as well. Thus the time to sleep
has long gone.   

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