Cikalleshi Left Aside, Panucci: Broke the Rules
Albanian Daily News
Published August 28, 2017
Christian Panucci started his adventure as the Albanian National Team coach with a firm hand, expelling Sokol Cikalleshi from the list of gathered players. During a press conference ahead of the World Cup 2018 qualifying matches against Lichtenstein and Macedonia the Italian coach announced his decision, adding that the striker broke the rules.

"Cikalleshi called and informed me that he was unable to come due to the imminent signature of the agreement with his new club. I denied him my permission saying that the contract may be signed through email or even by the manager. He failed to show up, thus will stay home," said Panucci.

In regard to the imminent challenges he said that the players will give their best in the field.

"The September 2 match against Lichtenstein will be a very delicate one because we are willing to come out victorious. We will work hard and with maximal seriousness," declared Panucci.

Meantime referring to the new players Ahmedi, Memolla and Balliu he briefly said that they were gathered due to the good shape.

"I hope that this will be a right choice", said the coach.

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