Trade Exchanges with China Occupy 6.2% of Total
Albanian Daily News
Published August 21, 2017
Albanian exports to China have seen a substantial increase over the first 7 months this year in comparison to the corresponding 7- month period of 2016.
According to statistics published by Statistics Institute (INSTAT), over the period January- July 2017 exports hit the value of Lek 4.887 million, while in January - July 2016 the exports were estimated at Lek 3.139 milliom.
While imports, according to statistics, are estimated at Lek 26.651 mln with a substantial decrease in comparison to January - July 2016 with Lek 29.327 mln of imports.
Exchanges with China account for 6.21 % of trade volume in the first 7 months this year. INSTAT reports that in 2016 imports from China increased 8.8 % compared to 2015.
Referring to the structure of goods, imports from China include machinery, equipment, spare parts, construction materials, metals as well as textiles and footwear. Exports include mainly minerals.
China has confirmed its plans to continue boosting trade and investment ties with its old ally Albania as the economic superpower is emerging as one of the country's top investors and second largest trading partner. Chinese company has made some very important acquisitions which are expected to give a new impetus to the trade ties between Albania and People's Republic of China.

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