Albanian Emigrants with Businesses in Italy
Albanian Daily News
Published August 19, 2017
Albanian emigrants living in Italy own about 32,000 businesses. The Italian Chamber of Commerce Union (ICCU) made public these data in the annual report on the performance of foreign companies. According to ICCU foreign nationals own over 580.000 businesses in Italy.

Albanians ranks in the fourth place for the number of enterprises in Italy. They are preceded by the Morocco community with 68.000 enterprises, the Chinese community and the Romanian community.

Trade is the most preferred area by the Albanians to do business, while the 2nd sector is the construction sector, ICCU reports.

Official data from the Italian Institute of Statistics show that in Italy there are about 450 thousand Albanian nationals in total. The majority of them, especially those who migrated in the early years, have now entered the business world by being one of the most active communities in Italy's economic life.

The figure of 32.000 businesses that Albanian emigrants own in Italy is nearly 20 percent of all active businesses in Albania. This means that Albanians no longer do business only within the country's borders but have turned into entrepreneurs almost everywhere in Europe

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