Albania's National Team Value Goes Up
Albanian Daily News
Published August 15, 2017
An analysis of the Albanian National Team made by 'Gazetta dello Sport' ahead of France 2016 finals indicated that Gianni De Biasi's team value was around EUR 44.2 Million.

Meantime the group of players currently summoned by De Biasi's successor, Christian Pannuci, is worth more than EUR 60 Million. This is without any shadow of doubt the most expensive group of players in the Albania's National Team history. Likewise, if the players' performance remains in the same levels their value in the market may be even higher in the future.

The market value of three Albanian National Team goalkeepers, Etrit Berisha, Thomas Strakosha and Alban Hoxha went up thanks to their excellent performances.

Berisha played a decisive role in Atalanta's qualification in the Europe League while Strakosha was confirmed as Lazio's first goalkeeper putting aside Federico Marchetti. Even Alban Hoxha's performances have been excellent during this period.

Another positive impetus for the National Team value increase was given by the defender Elseid Hysaj whose value in the market went from EUR 14 Million to EUR 18 Million.

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