Burkina Faso Restaurant Attack 'Kills 17'
Albanian Daily News
Published August 14, 2017
A wounded restaurant customer sits on the ground after the attack
Seventeen people have been killed and eight wounded in a "terrorist attack" in the centre of the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, the government says.
Three gunmen opened fire on customers seated outside a restaurant, witnesses were quoted as saying.
Security forces killed two attackers, the authorities said, but some people are still reported to be trapped in the building.
A jihadist attack on a cafe nearby left 30 people dead in January last year.
There are fears that the attack is the work of one of the affiliates of al-Qaeda that are active in the Sahel region, the BBC's Alex Duval Smith reports.
Burkina Faso's new war against militant Islamists
The shooting began shortly after 21:00 (21:00 GMT) on Sunday on Ouagadougou's busy Kwame Nkrumah Avenue.
The Aziz Istanbul Restaurant appears to have been at the centre of the attack.
One eyewitness told the BBC: "I saw there were multiple trucks or jeeps driving through my street, with... local army/police officers with AK47s, deploying in front of my house.
"I heard a lot of shootings and then I was scared as hell and I went inside. I've been hearing quite a bit of shooting."
Police captain Guy Ye told Associated Press that the attackers had arrived on motorcycles and had begun shooting randomly.
A government statement quoted by the AFP news agency said: "The attack claimed 17 victims, their nationalities are yet to be confirmed, and eight injured."

(Source: BBC)

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