Families Endangered by Flames in Ulez
Albanian Daily News
Published August 9, 2017
The Civil Emergency Service has reported 14 new fires in the past 24 hours. Affected areas include Dibra, Tirana, Berat, Lezha, Elbasan, Fier, Durres and Korca. Meantime, the situation is serious in Ulez, periphery of Librazhd where the flames have approached houses. A citizen asked for help because the fire was near their house while a one-month old baby was asphyxiated by the smoke. Some 98 fire-fighting teams, assisted by 13 firefighting vehicles, 140 military forces and some helicopters, have all been battling the blazes.
Fires have burned dozens of hectares of bushes and trees and have put many houses at risk. The operation to extinguish the flames in the Dibra area continues, with about 70 hectares of pine trees already destroyed.
In Tirana, the operation to distinguish the flames near the Krraba tunnel continues. Firefighting service and military forces have also asked for help from the Viva company. The operation to extinguish flames near the Shëngjergj village also continues. Firefighters and a helicopter are battling with blazes but isolating of flames has been difficult due to the rugged terrain. The fire in Shëngjergj is burning bushes and pines.
In Berat, flames are still active in Bogova Park. A helicopter will be sent to extinguish the fire. According to the Civil Emergency Service, a considerably large area of bushes and pines has been burned in Lezha. Some 200 olive trees and 16 hectares of bushes have been destroyed in Fier.
In Tepelena, 200 olive trees and 300 fruit trees have been destroyed and the fire there is also risking some houses. The damage caused by fires in Durrës and Korca is considerable. The hot weather, drought and strong winds have favored spread of fires across the country.
The persisting hot weather ensures the danger of fire remains and as such, the Civil Emergency Specialists are keeping the situation under constant monitoring across the country.

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