Electronic Bracelets, Ministry of Justice Requires Inquiry
Albanian Daily News
Published August 8, 2017
The Ministry of Justice addressed to the Prosecution on Tuesday requesting the investigation of the disappearance of 300 electronic ankle bracelets on suspicion of criminal offense.

The tender procedures and the presumed breach of law by the probation service and the Ministry of Justice experts who signed the document for giving back the 300 electronic ankle bracelets to the union of economic operators are also under scrutiny.

The technical Minister of Justice, Gazmend Bardhi denounced one day ago a possible scandal regarding the purchase of "electronic surveillance" equipment for persons who have violated the law.

Although the Ministry of Justice purchased 300 electronic bracelets in February 2017 a recent verification indicated that they are not in this department and are kept in violation of the law and the contract signed by the private company which is a union of economic operators.

Through a letter addressed to the private company Minister Bardhi asked for the equipment to be handed over while raising suspicions on the tender's effectiveness and non-compliance of the equipment with the specifications in the contract.

Meantime despite the fact that minister Bardhi firmly asked for the equipment to be handed over within August 3 the private company failed to observe this deadline.

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