Forest Fires, Kodheli Admits the Difficult Situation
Albanian Daily News
Published August 7, 2017
The Minister of Defense, Mimi Kodheli declared on Monday that country is experiencing a dramatic situation due to the forest fires. She blamed the unfavorable climacteric situation and the extreme heat for the high number of blazes registered all over Albania.

Referring to the army troops' intervention in support of the firefighters Kodheli declared that over 40% of the Albanian Armed Forces (AAF) effectives have been deployed in the most problematic areas in support of the firefighters battling with the wildfires.

"The Ministry of Defense and the AAF remain totally committed to provide assistance to the community during this difficult situation generated by the fires. Over 40% of army's troops have been deployed during over 102 actions in different parts of the country helping the firefighters to control the fires. A fund of ALL 30 Million has been spent so far during the extensive efforts for the extinction of 600 wildfires. This large sum of money comes from the tax-payers' pockets," said Kodheli, while inviting the citizens to be more careful protecting the forests and pastures from fires.

She also thanked the neighbor countries for the valuable assistance given in this difficult situation.

"Greek and Italian airplanes have provided a valuable assistance. Their intervention has been crucial in some remote areas that could not be reached by the firefighters," declared Kodheli.

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