'Arson, Threat for Homeland Security'
Albanian Daily News
Published August 3, 2017
The technical Minister of Interior, Dritan Demiraj and the Defense Minister, Mimi Kodheli raised the alarm on Thursday over the fires situation in Albania. Two executive members declared that many fires are caused by arsonists while labeling this as a threat for homeland security.

The technical Minister of Interior, Dritan Demiraj warned severe punishment for the arsonists. He also encouraged all authorities involved in extinguishing fires to save people and national wealth.

“A series of wildfires engulfed the Albanian territory during the recent weeks. The Civil Emergencies National Directory, the firefighters, the State Police and the Armed Forces have been cooperating for fires extinguishment. In some cases the huge fires have been sparked by arsonists. The intentional fires are a threat to the homeland security, thus the perpetrators will face severe punishment,” said Demiraj.

Meantime the Minister of Defense, Mimi Kodheli declared that the Armed forces troops are giving a valuable contribution by helping the firefighters in their battle with the flames.


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