Cocaine Crackdown in Tirana, Three Arrested
Albanian Daily News
Published August 2, 2017
An anti-narcotics crackdown conducted last night by Tirana police led to the seizure of 435 grams of cocaine. Three drugs dealers were also arrested in flagrance during this raid coded “Failed Attempt” while a fourth individual was declared wanted.

Blendi Peca, 27, Arber Murati, 24 and his father Shehat Murati, 50 were handcuffed by the police at the end this crackdown that was finalized with a car pursuit and gunshots.

One of the arrested individuals refused to stop the car after being signaled by the police officers and tried to elude capture by driving at high speed. The police officers opened fired perforating the vehicle’s tires and slightly injuring the fugitive.

After a quick inspection of his vehicle the police discovered some 385 grams of cocaine. The remaining quantity of 50 grams of cocaine was discovered by the police in the house of Arber Murati.

Three arrested individuals will now face trial on grounds of cocaine possession and attempted drugs dealing.


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