'Political Support to Cannabis Cultivation'
Albanian Daily News
Published August 1, 2017
"Cannabis cultivation in Albania has political support". This strong declaration was made one day ago by the Minister of Interior, Dritan Demiraj during '5 Questions from Babaramo' program. He also mentioned the existence of a list with 124 names of people involved in drugs smuggling.

"The fact that cannabis cultivation spread all over Albania is a clear indicator of the political support to this illicit activity. No one would dare to cultivate the narcotics without the government, police, mayor or his party's leader support. I have a long list with 124 names involved in this illicit activity. Of course this list has been handed over also to the chief of executive and the people that should have it. We are continuously operating for a complete eradication of this phenomenon in Albania," said Demiraj.

He declared that this list had been drafted by other law enforcement agency and had been given to him thanks to a more qualitative cooperation than his predecessors in this office.


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