Heat Wave, Several Fires Reported in 24 Hours
Albanian Daily News
Published July 31, 2017
Forest fires continue to be present in some areas of the country. Some 5 wildfires were registered during the last 24-hours, the National Civil Emergencies (NIC) directory reported on Monday. Tens of acres of pine tree forests, pastures and bushes were completely burned down due to the huge flames encourages by the strong winds.

A number of olive trees were engulfed by the flames in Zhur village, part of Ndroq administrative unit. The firefighters’ immediate intervention that battled for hours with the flames prevented the situation from getting worst. The local inhabitants also helped the firefighters to extinguish the flames.

Meantime helicopters’ intervention became necessary during the firefighters effort to extinguish the forest fires in Vlora district. The broken terrain impeded their efforts to place the fires under control thus air support was needed.

The NIC renew the appeal to the citizens to immediately report any sign of fire in the emergency numbers in order to prevent situation escalation.


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