Hysaj Encourages Naples: Let's Aim Higher
Albanian Daily News
Published July 9, 2017
The Albanian National Team defender, Elseid Hysaj thinks that Naples may achieve some great results in the new season. During an interview given to the Italian media the 23-years old footballer said that the group is united and has the necessary enthusiasm to cope in the best possible way the incoming challenges.

"The objective is to start the new season with the same mentality and intensity. We will do our best to reach the objectives," promised Hysaj, addressing to the team's fans.

The Shkodra born player laid the stress on the new arrivals integration with the rest of the team.

"We have a highly competitive group. Nearly all the past season champions stayed with us, while the new arrivals integration is already underway. Everyone that chooses to join Naples ranks is welcomed among us. Our mechanisms have been already elaborated and this practice will continue even in the future," declared Hysaj.


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