Online System to Monitor Work of Parliament
Albanian Daily News
Published July 7, 2017
At the end of the eighth legislature of the Parliament of Albania, the Institute of Political Studies (ISP) presented the main findings and assessment of the work of Parliament and lawmakers. The Director of the Institute, Afrim Krasniqi said in the summary of the report that the political leaders were all-powerful and the representation of electoral zones was weak.
"There is too much power in the hands of the two political leaders. We've had two kinds of initiatives: from international missions, especially the judicial reform, and the political boycott. This has penalized lawmakers to show themselves, because it was impossible to take part in the parliamentary life. There was real political debate. Every citizen has had the chance to see the political difference. This is positive despite the rhetoric that is used. We have removed people with a criminal past from the Parliament. Based on the statute of lawmakers, these people and their families will retain their diplomatic passports for another three years, because they are considered as former lawmakers. The biggest part of lawmakers are residents of Tirana or Durres. The Parliament has no balance sheet. The last case was in 1927," Krasniqi said.
Two lawmakers, Albana Vokshi and Vasilika Hysi were present in this meeting and expressed their concerns about the relation between the media and lawmakers and the abusive work of investigative committees.
"I have noticed a hostile attitude of the media and public towards the lawmakers. I don't know if this is intentional or not. Maybe it comes from the idea that the salary of lawmakers went up by 0.01 percent, at a time when an Albanian lawmaker has the lowest salary in the region," Vokshi said.
"As a jurist and member of the Laws Committee, I am concerned about the time that the Parliament spends with the investigative committees. The work of investigative committees needs to be monitored," Hysi said.
Krasniqi said that for the future reports, an online system will be used so that all can monitor the work of Parliament.

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