Ilir Kulla: Macedonia Must Be Re-Established on Civil Foundations
Albanian Daily News
Published May 11, 2015

Saturday's incidents in Kumanovo of Macedonia, where some Albanians got killed, show that some Macedonian politicians do not differ much in their ideology from Milosevic. This statement was made by the expert of security issues, Ilir Kulla, in an interview for daily Shekulli.

When asked about the reasons of the conflict in Kumanovo, Mr. Kulla said that they must be found in the failure of Macedonian government reforms to implement the Ohrid Agreement.

"The real reasons of the conflict can be found in the failure of Macedonian government reforms to implement the Ohrid Agreement and in its political will not to consider Albanians as first-class citizens, but as second-class citizens. The use of tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters and the army in an area resided mainly by ethnic Albanian citizens and the non-use of ethnic Albanian police or army officers, shows the provocative approach of Gruevski Government to create conditions of ethnic clashes in Macedonia. The killing of Albanian civilians, including an eight-year-child, is a serious crime, which shows that in essence, methodology, and ideology, a part of politicians of Skopje do not differ much from Milosevic. Unfortunately, the Albanian politicians in Macedonia have lost their authority and role to defend the citizens who voted for them or to negotiate with Macedonian political partners in government, or even to arouse international interest for what is happening in Macedonia. Macedonia is back on the international table of destabilizations and it's very likely that if this spirit continues, Saturday's incident will not be a single one, but it will continue in the days to come," Kulla said.

The expert of security issues talked about possible solutions as well.

"The solution must start from transparency about this incident, in order to give a political blow, because the government has lost the trust of people, not just because of Saturday's incidents, but also because of the wiretapping scandal, which shows that police in Macedonia is used not just to kill ethnic Albanians, but even Macedonians, when they are attacking the interests of Gruevski regime. Even if Gruevski will not resign, I am sure that it was him who ordered the police and the army to kill unarmed civilians and he will not have a good end of his political career," Kulla said.

Kulla was asked about the role of Albanian political parties after this incident?

"The Albanian political parties of Macedonia must seek the re-establishment of this country on civil foundations, not ethnic differences. They must converge in their political stances and must join the Macedonian opposition to topple the violent and anti-people regime of Gruevski. The interest of Albanians is to stay with NATO and the EU, and not stay in government with people who practice violence against civilians, as Milosevic did in the 1990s," Kulla said.

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