Hotels in Coastal Areas Preparing for Higher Tourist Influx
Albanian Daily News
Published June 29, 2017
Increasing numbers of tourists in recent years have prompted a large part of the hotel industry to improve their conditions of service and standards. But what does not favor the Albanian hotels making them uncompetitive in the region is the low number of beds. President of the Hoteliers Association, Zak Topuzi said to Scan Tv that hotels already have teamed up to offer a joint offer in order to cope with the growing influx of tourists. Construction of hotels after 1990s was done in a messy and very spontaneous way.
While the establishment of resorts with large capacities has now become a necessity for the Albanian tourist industry. The recent decision of the government to reduce VAT on the accommodation sector is expected to bring about a growth of investment in this field.
Actually, all accommodation service providers can immediately use, since the first month, the opportunity to benefit from a lowered tourist value added tax rate of 6 percent.
The General Tax Directory informed that all taxpayers can register their receipts in the sales book at a rate of 6 percent in June.
"With the entry into force of the law "For an amendment to the Law no. 92/2014, "On value added tax," the reduced rate of value added tax of 6 percent started to be applied from June," said a press release from the General Tax Directory.
"This degree is mandatory to be applied for the provision of accommodation service in accommodation structures, according to the categories set out in the tourism legislation."
All accommodation service providers affected by this change can immediately use, from the first month, the opportunity to benefit from this low tax rate, states the press release.
"Taxpayers will be able to register their receipts with a 6 percent rate, in the sales books of June, as a tax period and filed, until July 10," directorate said.

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