Venezuela's Maduro: Helicopter Attacked Supreme Court
Albanian Daily News
Published June 28, 2017
A police officer identifying himself as Oscar Pérez made a statement on Instagram
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has condemned what he called an "armed terrorist attack," which saw gunfire and grenades launched from a helicopter over the capital's Supreme Court building.

In a televised address on state TV Tuesday, Maduro said one of the grenades failed to explode, and no one had been injured, but armed forced had been deployed to hunt down the suspects. Minister for Communications and Information Ernesto Villegas called the attack an attempted coup.
Soon after the attack, a man who identified himself as Oscar Perez posted a video online declaring his opposition to the country's "criminal government."
Perez was identified as the pilot of the helicopter in a televised statement by Villegas, who added that four grenades were launched, two against a group of National Guards who were protecting the building.
He said that around 15 shots were fired around the Ministry of the Interior, a few blocks away from the presidential palace, while a social event was ongoing inside the building, celebrating the National Day of Journalists. Around 80 people were in the building, he said.
"This will not impede the right to vote by the Venezuelan people on July 30th to elect the members of the National Assembly constituency," he said, referring to a proposed body that if implemented would be able to make changes to the constitution.
Critics have said it would also allow for the reshaping of the current legislative body, as well as redefine the President's executive powers.


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